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Douglas Capraro Douglas Capraro

Map: A Geographical Breakdown of America’s Booze Habits

The "United States of Alcohol" maps America's drinking preferences, from sea to boozy sea.

3 Substance

In the USA, United We Don’t Stand on a lot of issues, like abortion, gun control, the Kardashian sisters, and how we like to get drunk. America’s diverse drinking habits are illustrated in this map from Vinepair.com, which imagines a different breakdown of the country from red vs. blue.

Northern California, with its enormous vineyards, is dubbed “Vinland.” And New York, the “Free City of the Two Great Wine Auction Houses,” also occupies a small wine stronghold on the East coast along with New Jersey and Pennsylvania. But besides a couple of territories dedicated to spirits (like Kentucky—the “Bourbon Commonwealth”), America is largely a beer drinking nation. At least that’s one thing that unites most of us.