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Map: The Heaviest-Drinking Countries in the World

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The World Health Organization’s newly released “Global status report on alcohol and health 2014” doesn’t just show that over three million of us are dying from alcohol-related causes each year. It also breaks down the extent to which global booze consumption—averaging 6.2 liters of pure alcohol per person (aged over 15) annually—is unevenly distributed.

A whopping 48% of over-15s worldwide don’t drink at all, which hugely deflates the averages. But many others are doing more than their share to make up for that—and they’re concentrated disproportionately among the former communist countries of Eastern Europe, as this map shows. This is also the region where the riskiest drinking patterns (ie, more binging) prevail.

In the list of the WHO’s 10 hardest-drinking nations below, only tiny Andorra interrupts the Eastern European stranglehold.

world alcohol map

1. Belarus—17.5 (liters of pure alcohol consumed per person over 15 per year)
2. Moldova—16.8
3. Lithuania—15.4
4. Russia—15.1
5. Romania—14.4
6. Ukraine—13.9
7. Andorra—13.8
8. Hungary—13.3
9=. Czech Republic & Slovakia—both 13.0