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May Wilkerson May Wilkerson

Map: Who in the World Is Drinking What?

Can you guess which countries prefer wine and which prefer beer or hard liquor? Find out here!

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Putting booze into one’s face is a popular pastime the world over, though some countries imbibe far more than others.

Not only the quantity but the type of alcohol consumed varies drastically from one country to the next. For example, the US, Canada and Spain love their beer. But in countries like China and Haiti, it’s all about the liquor. And then, of course, there’s France, where a typical adult drinks 11 glasses of wine a week.

This super-fun interactive map created by Ghost In The Data is based on numbers from the World Health Organization. Here’s the overall view:

It also includes breakdowns of how much beer, wine and spirits a typical adult drinks in the course of a week: What a chance to get to know your fellow world citizens! It’s kind of like bonding at a bar with new friends and finding out who’s more of a wine guy, who’s into beer, who likes to take shots, who is probably an alcoholic (we’re giving you judgmental side-eye, Russia) and who is going to be driving us all home later (thanks, Iraq).