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Douglas Capraro Douglas Capraro

Map: Who in the World Still Drinks Smirnoff Ice?

Times are tough for the famously-hated boozy soft drink. Costa Ricans are drinking the most—at a whole bottle-and-a-half per person, per year. Even that seems like too much.

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Do you love Smirnoff Ice? Well, neither do most people. But according to a new map from the Washington Post, the highly-mockable boozy soft drink still has a decent following around the world. Apparently the biggest consumer of the low-alcohol, high-sugar beverage is Costa Rica, whose per capita consumption is 17 ounces—almost a bottle and a half per person per year! (Still seems like too much.) Canada is in second place, with the average Canadian downing just under 14 ounces of the citrusy concoction each year. But don’t think the US is in the clear. The map shows that Americans were responsible for consuming 300 million bottles of Smirnoff Ice last year (roughly an entire bottle per person).

Smirnoff Ice’s bad reputation has certainly taken its toll though. Currently, sales of the beverage have fallen 52% in the US since it peaked in 2006, and sales are declining around the globe as well. It can’t help that no one is talking about “icing” anymore—a viral trend from 2010, in which people would surprise their friends with a Smirnoff Ice, say “you’ve been iced!” and force them to drink the whole thing on one knee. If that sounds like a treat to you, you might live in one of these countries where people still tolerate the stuff:

Screen Shot 2014-10-23 at 12.39.07 PM