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Monday: Join Stanton Peele and the Drug Policy Alliance to Talk Addiction

Substance.com's pioneering columnist will be fielding all the questions you can throw at him on the 15th—here's how to join in.

10 Substance

Stanton Peele, a pioneer of addiction theory and a columnist for Substance.com, teams up with the Drug Policy Alliance on Monday for a special teleconference on addiction and addiction treatment, moderated by the DPA’s Asha Bandele (flyer below).

Dr. Peele, the author of seminal books like Love and Addiction and The Meaning of Addiction, espoused harm reduction, mindfulness and opposition to the disease model long before these things became fashionable in the US. And as you’ll know if you read his columns, he’s one thought leader who can never be accused of mincing his words—which makes tuning in all the more worthwhile!

Register here to listen in or participate with your questions.

You're invited.

You’re invited.