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Douglas Capraro Douglas Capraro

More Drug Gang Members Busted Over Selfies

Two members of a London drug gang go to prison after police find their incriminating selfies. And it's not the first time.

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Narcissistic photo ops strike the drug dealing community yet again. Two 24-year-old gang members in London have been sentenced to prison after police found photos of them posing with stacks of money and marijuana.

After police raided the homes of Sophian Chhayra and Zakaria Chentouf, they seized their phones and discovered the incriminating pics. They discovered that the two are part of a drug gang operating in areas of London that had been linked to a number of violent attacks last year.

“These individuals used their mobile phone cameras to gloat about their success in illegal trade,” said the detective on the case. “This pride helped secure their undoing, and these photos provided compelling evidence at court.”

Snapping selfies of illegal activity may seem absurd in this age of constant surveillance, but it’s not the first time drug dealers have been tripped up by this behavior. In May, four gang members in Birmingham were similarly busted after taking photos of themselves posing next to a mountain of dried cannabis leaves. And around the same time, a young dealer from South Florida was arrested after taking a selfie parked next to a police vehicle with a stack of money and pot, and posting it on Facebook.