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Will Godfrey Will Godfrey

Graphic: National Beer Day Is About Freedom, Too. But Mainly Beer.

See the love.

9 Substance

National Beer Day takes place annually on April 7—the date when the Cullen–Harrison Act took effect in 1933, allowing the sale of low-alcohol beer and wine and heralding the end of 13 years of alcohol prohibition in the US. Eighty-one years later, with the legal status of other drugs high on the agenda, the date carries renewed resonance.

Beer’s roots stretch way back into human prehistory. The earliest barley beer that we know about for sure was brewed in what’s now Iran, funnily enough, around 3,400 BC. Written records of beer begin with ancient Egypt and Mesopotamia. Brewing has come a long way since then and inspired a whole lotta love, as this fastidiously compiled diagram demonstrates: