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Our #HarmReduction Twitter Chat: The Highlights

Some leading harm reductionists from around the world took part in a memorable discussion.

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The harm reduction movement, which uses practical strategies to keep people who use drugs safer while respecting their right to make their own choices, is flourishing in 2015.

Yesterday Substance.com teamed up with HAMS—the harm reduction for alcohol network run by our frequent contributor Kenneth Anderson—to host a Twitter chat about harm reduction. The event brought together a diverse range of experts and opinions and prompted some memorable and valuable discussions. To read the whole thing (which we recommend!), go to Twitter and search #HarmReduction. If you don’t have the time, scroll down to read just a few of our highlights:

  • The event, co-hosted by HAMS and Substance.com, provided insights and perspectives from some of the leading voices in the field.

  • Advocacy