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May Wilkerson May Wilkerson

Ozzy Osbourne Says Drug Dealers “Should Be Executed”

The Black Sabbath singer, who is sober after decades battling addiction, compares dealing drugs to "attempted murder."

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Watch out, drug dealers: Ozzy Osbourne is no longer a fan. The legendary rocker, who has been sober for about a year, is slamming the industry he partially blames for his decades-long battle with addiction. “I think it’s wrong that they put addicts in jail, because it’s an illness,” the Black Sabbath singer said this week in an interview with Classic Rock. “Pushers of heroin and hard drugs should be executed because it’s an attempted murder. They’re selling death.”

This is a pretty extreme statement coming from the guy who once bit the head off of a bat on stage. But Ozzy, 66, has had it up to here with drugs. “I now call cocaine ‘bullshit powder,’ because it makes you feel that everyone’s wonderful, that you’re wonderful and you can solve the problems of the world,” he said. “But it’s an illusion. I did plenty of it for years. And I’m not proud of that.”

He admitted to having done some “bad things” back when he was using: “I’ve never got into a situation where I consciously go, ‘I’m going to fuck him–or her–over’, but sometimes it happened that way.” But today, he says he’s just a regular “working class” guy (with a Beverly Hills mansion, a Bentley and an upcoming reality show) who goes by the name “John” in AA meetings in order to stay humble.