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May Wilkerson May Wilkerson

Photos: Artist Drops Drugs on Pre-Exposed Film Negatives

The idea is to create a visual representation of how the substances make you feel. Can you identify your drug-of-choice?

1 Substance

Berlin artist Sara Schönfeld explores the “essence” of various legal and illegal drugs by dropping them on film negatives that have already been exposed. She then enlarges the negatives. Her photographic series, “All You Can Feel” (it has also been compiled in a book), her website explains, is a reflection of modern Western society’s fascination with the “chemical self.”

When dropping drugs like LSD and heroin on a pre-exposed film, the substances alter the coating of the film, the website explains. None of the substances behaved the same way, and the diverse shapes and colors “revealed unique internal universes.” The series does have an extraterrestrial feel. But some of the visuals may also seem a little familiar to those who have sampled any of the substances used.

Schönfeld tells Vice that she didn’t expect the photos to depict the drugs’ effects in a way that so closely mimics how they actually feel. In fact, she says a drug rehab showed the images to its patients and asked them to pick a favorite, as an experiment. “Every single one of them chose their drug of dependence, with 100 percent accuracy,” she says. “Even the secretary who only ever drank coffee chose caffeine.” Can you pick your favorite from this lineup? (Answers at the bottom)














1) Caffeine 2) Crystal Meth 3) Cocaine 4) Opium 5) Speed 6) LSD