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May Wilkerson May Wilkerson

Photos: At This Spa in Prague, You Can Literally Bathe in Beer

If you want to imbibe beer through your mouth AND your pores, then this Czech "beer spa" is for you.

6 Substance

Do you love beer so much that simply drinking it isn’t enough? Have you thought to yourself if only I could bathe in it, only then would I be truly happy? If so, this spa in Prague could make all your dreams come true. The aptly named “Beer Spa” offers 30-minute sessions in a vat of beer heated to 98°, fitted with taps that dispense an unlimited supply of the home-brewed beverage. The experience, which is apparently not encouraged as a solo activity, costs $130 for two people. And according to the photos (below), the majority of customers are female models.

Still feeling stressed about life after a half-hour spent soaking in hot booze? Fortunately, the package includes a massage after. Book your tickets today.