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May Wilkerson May Wilkerson

Photos: This Booze-Free Michigan Bar Was Packed on Opening Night

It was created to offer people in the recovery community, and other non-drinkers, a place to party on the weekend.

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It can be hard to find a public place to hang out after dark if getting tipsy isn’t your thing. But abstainers in Ann Arbor, Michigan now have the option of Brillig Dry Bar, a new booze-free pop-up that serves a whole range of non-alcoholic beverages. And judging by these photos (below), opening night was a raging success.

Former chef Nic Sims, who quit drinking 20 years ago, decided to start the pop-up bar in her husband’s coffee shop. An active member of the local recovery community, Sims tells Buzzfeed she wanted to offer non-drinkers a place to have fun on a weekend night “without the ever-present TVs and alcohol in a bar.” Her goal was to provide “all the fun of going out with your mates in a safe place where you can drink whatever you like and have no regrets.”