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May Wilkerson May Wilkerson

Poll: Most Russians Would Give Up Booze and Cigs to Smite Americans

Seventy percent would give up Western alcohol and cigarettes in retaliation for sanctions. But they would like to keep our cars.

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Russians could live without Marlboros. Photo via Shutterstock

Russians could live without Marlboros. Photo via Shutterstock

Apparently Russia could survive without Budweiser and Camel Lights, if you can imagine. More than 70% of Russians said they would ban imports of alcohol and cigarettes from Western countries in retaliation for sanctions, according to a recent poll. Just last month, President Vladimir Putin ordered a one-year ban on food imports from countries that imposed sanctions on Moscow for its support of rebels in eastern Ukraine, which include the US, the European Union, Australia, Canada and Norway.

Seems they would be willing to sacrifice booze and smokes from these countries as well. But not cars and affordable vacations. Only 43% of Russians polled—apparently including those who don’t drive—said they would be willing to give up foreign-made cars, or pay additional taxes on vacations abroad.

One can assume they have plenty of their own vodka and cigs to hold them over. Just don’t take away their Cadillacs!