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May Wilkerson May Wilkerson

Radio: British Grandma Finds Out On-Air That She’s Accidentally Growing Pot

A baffled older woman calls into a gardening-themed radio show to inquire about a 5-foot-tall "mystery plant" growing amongst the petunias in her garden.

4 Substance

British grandmother Patricia Hewitson, 65, was in for a surprise when she called in to a gardening-themed BBC radio show “The Potting Shed” to inquire about a five-foot shrub growing in her garden.

She had posted a photo on Facebook of herself standing behind the enormous plant, which she first discovered “growing amongst the petunias” in her garden. But no one knew what it was, so she called the radio experts. At first, the hosts seem as clueless as her: “It is the most lush plant! She sent us a couple of the most lovely photos, didn’t she?” they exclaim, describing it as having “beautiful bright green leaves going out… splaying out like a gigantic asa leaf. Like one of those.”

But then one of the hosts, Sarah Chesters, reveals that the  shrub “is, in fact, a cannabis plant.” She adds: ”I knew immediately, not because I’m an expert—I hasten to add—but because I have come across the plant in a professional capacity.”

Chesters explains that the cannabis seeds were likely mixed in with bird seeds. In England, growing weed without a license is illegal. But local police did not press charges. They did, however, chop down and compost her “lush, beautiful green” plant.