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May Wilkerson May Wilkerson

Report: 90% of Wiretaps Are Looking for Drug Deals

Your chances of having your phone calls listened to by government agents are much higher if you're in the illegal drugs business, than in the business of kidnapping, "conspiracy" or homicide.

3 Substance

If you think your phone calls are tapped, you’re probably just being paranoid. Unless you’re in the illicit drugs trade—in which case, your chances of someone listening in on your phone calls are much, much higher.

Not surprisingly, the number of authorized US wiretaps hit a record high of 3,576 in 2013, according to a new government report. And a staggering 3,115 of these were related to “narcotics.” This compares to a mere 139 focussed on “other major offenses” (including smuggling and money laundering), 132 focussed on “homicide and assault” and 51 related to “conspiracy.” In the entire year, only 1 wiretap was carried out with regard to a potential kidnapping. Surprisingly, only 21 wiretaps were authorized for electronic communications like email or text (probably because that’s the NSA’s job).



If there’s one thing that can be gleaned from this, it’s that even with progress being made to legalize and decriminalize weed, and to soften penalties for non-violent drug crimes, drug-related crimes still reign supreme in the eyes of the law. So, if you’re trying to buy or sell drugs illegally, you might want to stick to the old-fashioned method: meeting on street corners or in back alleys under cover of darkness.