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Douglas Capraro Douglas Capraro

Airplane Banner Tells DeBlasio: “Get Off The Pot”

A group of ex-NYPD officers goes to great lengths to accuse New York's mayor of using marijuana.

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Is DeBlasio on the pot!? Photo Via

Is DeBlasio on the pot!? Photo Via

New Yorkers may have spotted a banner flying over the Hudson River this morning that read: “Get Off the Pot. Resign. We <3 NYPD.”

The less-than-subtle message was courtesy of a group of former police officers who call themselves “Retired NYPD For a Safe New York.” They say it’s their ”latest protest against the utter lack of respect that Mayor DeBlasio evinces for the NYPD and is a follow up to our two banners that flew last Tuesday.” (Those ones read: “DeBlasio, Our Backs Have Turned to You” and “DeBlasio Apologize to the NYPD.”)

DeBlasio, who recently decriminalized low-level marijuana possession in NYC, says he doesn’t currently use marijuana, and hasn’t toked up since his days as an NYU student.

For some reason, he didn’t find it necessary to write this on a banner and have it displayed across the New York City skyline.