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Samantha Felix Samantha Felix

See Your Favorite Fairytale Heroines in Jail

Artist Marilen Adrover has fun turning our childhood memories into mugshots.

2 Substance

Everyone remembers what happens when Snow White meets the Seven Dwarfs, and when Alice falls down the rabbit hole. While these classic heroines get into some trouble, things always seem to work out—they are fairytale endings after all. But what if, as for some of us in the real world, things didn’t go quite so well for these ladies?

Artist Marilen Adrover has considered just that, and re-imagined a collection of these memorable characters into the anti-heroines we all knew they could be. She shows us what would happen if Alice’s trippy Wonderland adopted a prohibitionist stance—and she landed herself in jail for possession. Or how about if Snow White took her prince-enchanting tactics too far, and the kingdom’s finest ended up booking her for sexual misconduct? It doesn’t stop there: Adrover has a mug shot for all of your favorites—none of ‘em pretty.