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Share Your Real-Life Holiday Tales on Substance.com

We'd love to hear about—and publish—your most memorable experiences of holiday seasons past.

8 Substance

This month we invite our readers to share holiday stories from their lives that relate in some way to substances, or the absence of substances.

Are you in recovery? Do you drink or use other drugs moderately? Or not so moderately? And have you ever had a strange, hilarious, tragic, life-changing or otherwise interesting experience during the holidays?

Then share that experience with Substance.com‘s readers! Just email your story of no more than 200 words to editor@substance.com by December 18. (And let us know whether you want us to use your name or not.)

We will publish a few of these short stories on the site later this month, and we’ll send each of their authors a tote bag full of Substance.com swag to say thank you.

Happy holidays!