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Shot of the Day: This Is What a Clean Injection Kit Looks Like

A labeled display of the kind of kit that keeps IV drug users safer.

5 Substance

Below is an image of a clean injection kit and syringe that was distributed by Housing Works’ Harm Reduction Place on Crosby Street in 2008 to help prevent overdose and the transmission of HIV and hepatitis C. The kit includes: 1. Clean Bottle for mixing water and bleach; 2. Bleach to disinfect used syringes; 3. Bandages; 4. Sterile water; 5. Tourniquet; 6. Bottle cap used to mix the drug with water before injection; 7. Cotton balls; 8. Syringes, while not included in the kit, are provided onsite; 9. Step-by-step injection instructions; 10. Alcohol swabs.