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Shot of the Day: This Woman Is Why All Women Can Drink at Any Bar in NYC

Faith Seidenberg died this week, but her legacy lives on.

2 Substance

McSorely’s Pub, the self-proclaimed oldest bar in Manhattan, was one of the last all-male establishments—proudly boasting a 115-year ban on women in the bar. That is until Faith Seidenberg walked through the door in January 1969 and demanded service. She was quickly escorted out the door. But it turned out she was a lawyer who liked beer. The following year, Seidenberg filed and won a discrimination lawsuit against McSorely’s, which led to John V. Lindsay, then New York City mayor, signing new legislation banning discrimination based on gender in public places.

Faith Seidenberg died this past week, at the age of 91, due to complications from Parkinson’s Disease. But she should forever be remembered each time a woman walks into any bar she wants in New York City.