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May Wilkerson May Wilkerson

Sneaky New Products Help You Get Drunk on the Sly

Could a booze-smuggling "booby bag" or fake "shampoo" be the perfect gift for your loved one who has everything (except enough alcohol)?

5 Substance

Reviews for the "booby bag" say it is "very easy to hide." Photo via

Reviews for the “booby bag” say it is “very easy to hide.” Photo via

Hiding your alcoholism this holiday season? Drinking on the sly can be tricky, but the new website SmuggleYourBooze.com wants to make it a little easier. The American company sells a range of flasks disguised as fake products—like shampoo bottles and hand sanitizer—designed to help you get contraband booze past bouncers, airport security and judgmental family members.

“At a concert, festival, beach, fair or sporting event, our product is there with you,” says the site. “It’s the new and convenient way to bring your beverage of choice to any event, anywhere.”

Luckily for ladies, there is even a “booby bag” that slips inside your bra, and a fake tampon holder—which claims to be the best bet for getting booze past airport security, because “guys won’t even look at a tampon, much less handle it at security.” (As long as your TSA worker isn’t female!)

Buying alcohol at venues does get expensive. But if you don’t have $11.99 to spend on a flask, what’s wrong with cleaning out your own emptied shampoo bottles and filling them with booze? Or does that reek too much of Lifetime-movie style alcoholism? If so, check out SmuggleYourBooze.com to become a secret drinker in a cute, socially acceptable way. They promise.