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The Daily Buzz: April 11, 2014

Prison sentences for low-level drug offenders are set to be cut; the Coast Guard says it's losing the War on Drugs; and more fast food restaurants are adding booze to the menu.

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Lower Sentences for Drug Offenders Could Come Into Effect Soon
The US Sentencing Commission has voted unanimously to reduce drug sentences—its recommendations are that most drug traffickers see their sentences reduced by an average of 11 months. This will go into effect in November—unless Congress blocks it.

The Coast Guard Says It’s Losing the War on Drugs
The US Coast Guard works tirelessly to keep illegal drugs from entering the US by sea—but an estimated 80% of drugs get past them, a top officer claims. Yep, it does appear drugs are winning.

Feds Permit Washington to Give Background Checks to Pot Industry Workers
Washington state will now have access to an FBI database so it can conduct background checks on people who apply to run legal marijuana businesses, the US Justice Department has announced.

Fast Food Restaurants Now Adding Booze to the Menu
Restaurants like Burger King and McDonalds are following in the footsteps of Starbucks, hoping boozier menus will boost business.

Colombia Seizes Seven Tons of Cocaine
Colombian police intercepted a narcotic shipment with an estimated street value of $250 million, headed to the Dutch port of Rotterdam. What will they do with all that blow?

The Big Book of Alcoholics Anonymous Turns 75
The “Big Book” as it’s known by AA members, is one of the best-selling books of all time, having sold more than 30 million copies. Don’t forget to wish yours a Happy Birthday today!