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The Daily Buzz: April 15, 2014

Ketamine nasal spray could treat major depression; even with Obamacare now in effect, addiction treatment faces hurdles; and a former star of Growing Pains talks about growing up with alcoholism and his recovery.

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Ketamine Nasal Spray Shows Promise as Treatment For Major Depression
The party drug, known as “Special K,” may also be a lifesaver for those with major depression. A new study says the drug, administered nasally, could work quickly and with few side effects.

The Five States Most Likely to Next Legalize Marijuana
Based on a history of states with the most liberal attitudes towards pot, Alaska, California, Massachusetts, Oregon and Washington, DC could be next in line.

Now That We Have the Affordable Care Act, Can We Provide Treatment That Fits?
Obamacare is an exciting chance to help more people with addiction than ever. But a lack of flexibility in treatment providers’ attitudes could stop us from reaching all of them.

Could Exercise Help Treat Alcohol Dependence?
In a new study, people in early recovery from alcohol dependence who exercised regularly were able to decrease their alcohol consumption.

Growing Pains Star Talks About His Recovery From Alcoholism
Former child star Jeremy Miller talks about his battle with alcoholism which started at a young age. He says new treatment Naltrexone helped him recover, and he now works at a treatment clinic in Santa Ana, California.

Video of Drunk Guy Trying to Climb a Fence Goes Viral
Apparently people around the world can relate to the plight of an intoxicated individual struggling to get over a fence. Gawker calls it a “metaphor for life.” For some, it’s just a typical Tuesday. What about you?