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The Daily Buzz: April 17, 2014

Heroin overdoses continue to rise alarmingly across the US; the FDA cracks down on a popular sports supplement for containing a meth-like compound; and LA Dodgers' star Yasiel Puig faces accusations of drug smuggling and cartel involvement.

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Heroin Overdoses Rising Across the US, Say Police
Addiction to heroin and other opiates is reportedly more deadly now than violent crime and car crashes in some parts of the country, claim law enforcement officials.

Mexico Arrests Mayor for Drug Cartel Extortion
The mayor of a city that once served as a stronghold for a major drug cartel has been arrested and charged with helping the Knights Templar extort money from city council members.

FDA Warns That the “Craze” Sports Supplement Might Contain a Meth-Like Substance
The manufacturers of popular sports supplement Craze received a warning from the FDA for failing to disclose that the product contains a methamphetamine-like compound. In their defense, they did name it “Craze.”

Article Claims LA Dodgers’ Star Yasiel Puig Dealt With Smugglers and Drug Cartels
An article about Los Angeles Dodgers outfielder Yasiel Puig claims he was involved with illicit drug activity during his escape from Cuba to the US. Author Jesse Katz says he has spent months researching the ballplayer’s past, which has included numerous trips to Cuba. Maybe he was just visiting his grandma?

Does Smoking Pot Make You a Better Parent?
As drug laws are changing, so is marijuana’s reputation. But the ethical implications of combining marijuana with parenting remain unclear. What if smoking pot makes parents more relaxed and capable of sitting through their kids’ epic school plays?