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The Daily Buzz: April 18, 2014

Anti-seizure drug could be new treatment for alcoholism; China urged to crack down on deadly smoking epidemic; and Toronto Mayor Rob Ford kicks off his re-election campaign with free booze.

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Everyone makes mistakes. Rob Ford has made a lot of them. Photo via

Everyone makes mistakes. Rob Ford has made a lot of them. Photo via

Anti-Seizure Drug “Ezogabine” Could Treat Alcoholism
The new drug has been found to reduce alcohol consumption among alcoholics, by making them want to drink less, according to a new study.

China’s  Smoking Killing Millions
The World Health Organization has urged China to fight the country’s tobacco epidemic by putting graphic warnings on cigarette packages. Smoking kills about one million Chinese people each year and that number could triple by 2030.

How People Drink Around the World
Did you know Aussies take turns buying a round, and they call this “shouting”? And Russians put their empty glasses under the table when they’re done? And in the US, people love to make lists?

Rob Ford Launches Re-election Campaign With Free Booze
Toronto’s Mayor, previously accused of smoking crack, officially kicked off his new campaign with a big boozy party. “There’s been some rocky moments over the past year,” Ford said. Pun intended?

Man Allegedly Ate Pot Candy Before Shooting Wife
A man in Denver ate marijuana-infused candy before he fatally shot his wife, according to police reports. Police are investigating whether the pot influenced his behavior. This is the second Colorado death this month linked to marijuana edibles.

Man Named “Edward Cocaine” Arrested for Drug Possession
A Florida man with an uncanny last name was arrested on drug possession after cops found Xanax in his car. The Judge cracked up in court, can you blame him?