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The Daily Buzz: April 23, 2014

Researchers prescribe magic mushrooms to terminally ill with anxiety; Mexican tweets reveal how drug war attitudes are changing; and a Pennsylvania ICU patient is suspected of selling $1,400 in heroin from her hospital bed.

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susbtance-shutter157478816-magic-mushroomsResearchers Prescribe Magic Mushrooms to Terminally Ill Patients
A research team at NYU is testing out whether the hallucinogenic properties of ‘shrooms can help treat anxiety and help patients come to terms with their mortality.

Are Mexicans Becoming Numb to Drug War Violence?
Researchers say tweets from the front lines of Mexico’s drug war show how people are becoming increasingly desensitized.

Patient Arrested for Allegedly Dealing Heroin From the ICU
A 38-year-old woman in Pennsylvania is suspected of selling $1,400 worth of heroin from her hospital room. Hospital staff became suspicious after noticing she was receiving an unusually large number of visitors.

Actually, a Bottle of Wine a Day Is Bad for You
An alcohol “expert” recently claimed a bottle of wine a day won’t hurt you, and might actually make you live longer. But this Guardian reporter shoots back, arguing these claims “fly in the face of current alcohol guidance from governments and the vast majority of public health scientists.” Boom!

Your Friendly Neighborhood Drug Dealer
The Atlantic shadows a bunch of drug dealers around The Big Apple and it’s pretty educational. Though, as Gawker points out, the math doesn’t quite add up.┬áMaybe these guys are just the most charitable dealers ever?

The New Selfie? Vape Videos Go Viral
Vaporizers are blowing up everywhere (sometimes literally). So of course, they have made themselves meme-worthy with these mesmerizing videos posted around the Internet.