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The Daily Buzz: April 24, 2014

US Justice Department announces clemency guidelines for imprisoned drug offenders; rising alcohol costs linked to a decrease in violence; and Wiz Khalifa doesn't pay for his (copious amounts of) pot.

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Justice Department Announces Clemency Initiative for Drug Offenders
Nonviolent prisoners who have served at least 10 years may now be eligible for early release. The authorities will actively solicit requests for clemency and candidates will even be provided with free lawyers. What’s this—a more enlightened attitude to incarceration? In the US??

Amsterdam May Ban Pot Shops in Red Light District
The mayor of the city known for its free-wheeling attitude towards drug use is now cracking down on the “coffee shops” that openly sell pot. If he’s opposed to pot, one might ask, why did he become the mayor of Amsterdam?

The Drinking Age Is Past Its Prime
Camille Paglia calls it “absurd and unjust” that people under 21 in the US can vote, marry, and go to war—but not have a beer. She claims the country’s high drinking age has contributed to higher rates of drug use and other “anti-social behavior.”

Wiz Khalifa Reveals He Doesn’t Pay for Pot
The rapper says he gets his bud for free from the marijuana company that sponsors him and even named a strain after him: Khalifa Kush. No word on whether this is his favorite flavor.

Rising Alcohol Costs Credited for Drop in Violence in England and Wales
Fewer people sought landed in the ER as a result of violence last year, a study finds. It could be due to a decrease in binge drinking. Because in this economy, who can afford binge drinking?

North Dakota Man on a “Bad Trip” Sets Self on Fire, Steals Car
A 33-year-old man on a drug binge lit himself on fire at a gas station, ran through a car wash, stole a car and then broke into a home, according to police. Was jail on his bucket list, too? Because he can probably check that one off.