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The Daily Buzz: April 28, 2014

Two million people are now smoking E-cigarettes; Sam Adams' founder spills his secret for drinking all night without getting drunk; and Boy George is "secure" in his sobriety, six years on.

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Study: E-Cigarette Users Have Tripled to Two Million Since 2012
Most people are using the devices to quit tobacco—not recreationally—a new study finds. Also only 1% have tried vaping. So everyone can calm down: E-cigs are just trying to help!

University of Kentucky Relaxes Its Strict No-Booze Policy
Off-campus drinking has become such a problem for the university that they’ve announced they’re repealing their dry campus policy.

Sam Adams Founder Reveals Secret to Drinking Without Getting Drunk
Co-founder of the major brewery, Jim Koch, says his secret to not getting wasted while drinking non-stop is to consume yeast. Some scientists, unsurprisingly, are dubious. Also dubious: people who think the whole point of drinking is to get drunk.

Boy George Is “Secure” in His Sobriety
The British singer, a former heroin and cocaine addict, says: “I’d never sacrifice what I have now for a drink or a drug. Sobriety has allowed me to come back to my work with a gratitude and passion that I didn’t know I had before.” He’s six years clean. Congrats!

Sopranos Actor, Now Out of Prison, Talks About His Drug Addiction
Actor Lillo Brancato Jr., 37, says he made “horrible decisions” during the height of his drug addiction, which ultimately landed him in jail for eight years. He now wants to help young people avoid making the same mistakes.

More NY Bartenders Offering Non-Alcoholic Cocktails for Spring
Apparently “mocktails” are all the rage this season in the Big Apple. Good news for all you sober New Yorkers tired of seltzer with lime. Cheers!