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The Daily Buzz: April 29, 2014

Congress to hold major drug war hearings this week; Massachusetts drugs are being traded for Vermont guns; and Billy Joel tells Howard Stern about the time he tried heroin.

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Major Drug War Hearings in Congress This Week
This week, both chambers of Congress will hold major hearings on the drug war. This is amidst the domestic reforms to sentencing and marijuana laws announced in recent weeks. Ch-ch-changes!

Alcohol “More Damaging Than Heroin” Says Professor David Nutt
The former UK drugs adviser says alcohol is the most harmful drug out there in terms of life expectancy, family disruption and traffic accidents. The least damaging? Ecstasy and LSD.

Poll: Most of Colorado is Pleased With Legal Pot
Since the state legalized recreational marijuana in January, 52% of voters say this was a good move, while 38% say it was bad. Most of those in favor are Democrats, with conservatives opposed. Big surprise!

Billy Joel is more of a piano man than a heroin man.

Drugs-for-Guns Trafficking Between Vermont and Massachusetts
Opioids from Massachusetts are being ferried to Vermont and swapped for cheap guns, in a new trend that is “troubling” police. It does sound like major trouble for everyone involved.

Will New York Legalize Medical Marijuana This Spring?
Gov. Cuomo has “hinted” at his support for legal MMJ, and pro-pot advocates are confident NY will soon be the 22nd state to legalize weed as medicine.

Billy Joel Says He Tried Heroin, It “Scared” Him
In a two-hour live interview with Howard Stern, the singer opened up about his past drug use. Though heroin never caught on, he’s been to rehab multiple times for alcohol and had several DUIs. What would David Nutt say? (See above.)

Image Credit: By slgckgc (https://www.flickr.com/photos/slgc/26362370792/) [CC BY 2.0], via Wikimedia Commons