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The Daily Buzz: April 30, 2014

Combination of alcohol and heroin led to deaths of two former Navy SEALs; Colorado symphony courts marijuana users with pot-sponsored concert series; and an American man sets a world record—and reverses zero stereotypes—by championing the "Beer Mile."

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Just another day at the symphony. Photo via

Just another day at the symphony. Photo via

Deputy to Famed Drug Lord “El Chapo” Pleads Guilty to Conspiracy
Alfredo Vasquez Hernandez pleaded guilty in Chicago on Tuesday to taking part in a $1 billion trafficking conspiracy. He worked alongside Joaquin ‘El Chapo’ Guzman, once the Most Wanted man in the world.

Alcohol and Heroin Led to Deaths of Two Former Navy SEAL Members
The former Navy SEALs, both 40, were found dead in February on board a cargo ship, where they were working as guards. A combination of heroin and alcohol has been determined as cause of death.

Colorado Symphony Courts Marijuana Users
Can potheads save the symphony? The Colorado’s struggling professional symphony hopes so. Hoping to boost attendance, they’ve teamed up with pot-industry sponsors and are kicking off a new concert series: “Classically Cannabis: The High Note Series,” where marijuana use is encouraged.

Are Pot Edibles Dangerous?
Following two recent deaths linked to edible pot products, Colorado has created a regulatory task force to consider new packaging rules. They may start limiting the amount of THC allowed in a “single serving” of a product.

Guy Set a World Record by Running a Mile and Drinking Four Beers, in Under Five Minutes
Two-time NCAA champion James Nielsen, aka “The Beast,” has championed the “Beer Mile” and broken the record previously set by Canada. Good job, America?