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The Daily Buzz: August 1, 2014

Congressional Republicans call for stricter anti-pot policy; Americans are smoking way more cigars; and a drug-carrying drone headed for a South Carolina prison crashes outside the fence.

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Congressional Republicans Meet to Call for Anti-Pot Laws
One group is not happy with the growing momentum of the US pro-legalization movement: Congressional Republicans. Yesterday a group of Republican lawmakers called for stricter laws to federally restrict marijuana use, claiming that legalization contributes to a rise in auto accidents.

Americans Are Smoking Fewer Cigarettes, But Twice as Many Cigars
In the US, cigarette consumption declined from 2000 to 2011, but consumption of cigars more than doubled, according to a new study. More than one in 20 US adults smoke cigars, at least occasionally, and the cigar market is diversifying and expanding.

Woman Sues Plastic Surgeon For Posting Photos of Her “Cocaine Nose”
A lawsuit claims a Chicago surgeon caused his client “great harm” when he posted photos of her facial reconstruction surgery on his website and labeled it “cocaine nose.” According to the doctor’s website, “cocaine nose” includes “perforations of the septum, infection, loss of supporting cartilage, scarring and eventual collapse of the nose” that can occur after chronic cocaine use.

Drug-Carrying Drone Crashes Outside South Carolina Prison
Yesterday was a disappointing day for the inmates at one South Carolina maximum security prison. A drone carrying contraband items—including marijuana, tobacco and cell phones—was found crashed outside the prison’s razor wire fence. This is the second known incident of a drone being used to smuggle contraband in to a US prison.

Check Out These Comedic Videos That Skewer America’s War on Drugs
Last week, John Oliver presented a scathing critique of the American prison system last week—with the help of singing muppets. The video is part of a long tradition of comedians using humor to criticize American drug policy—it’s a pretty tempting target, after all. Check out how famous comics like Bill Hicks, Dave Chapelle and Sarah Silverman take aim at the War on Drugs.