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The Daily Buzz: August 11, 2014

British politicians demand health warnings on alcohol bottles; even Texas gun lovers think selling booze at gun shows is a bad idea; and Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson threatens a drunk driver who injured his mom with "unrelenting harm."

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UK Could Require Health Warnings on Booze Bottles
As part of efforts to crack down on the country’s booze problem, a group of British parliament members want compulsory health warnings on alcohol bottles to remind people of the dangers of excessive drinking. The UK just recently implemented sobriety tags for DUI offenders. And last week the government urged people to drink only every other day.

Texans at Gun Show Oppose Selling Booze at Gun Shows
The Texas Alcoholic Beverage Commission announced it is considering selling alcohol at gun shows, with certain provisions. But the proposal was shot down by most of the attendees at a gun show in Houston on Saturday. One attendee, a high school teacher who described himself as a ”huge gun supporter” said: ”I just personally do not believe you should have alcohol and firearms in the same vicinity, whether you are hunting or at a gun show.”

Dwayne Johnson

Don’t drink and drive you idiots. Photo via Creative Commons

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson Threatens Drunk Driver Who Hit His Mom and Cousin
There are many reasons not to drive drunk and pissing off “The Rock” is one of them. The pro-wrestler shared a photo this weekend of the wreckage from a DUI accident that injured his family members. “My mom & cousin…were struck head on by a drunk driver this week—they lived,” he wrote in the caption. “First reaction is to find the person who did this and do unrelenting harm to them.”

Japan’s McDonalds to Ban Smoking
A 100% no-smoking policy is still pretty rare in Japan, apparently. But McD’s has now banned smoking in all its restaurants across the country in order to “create an environment where all of our customers can enjoy their meals.”

David Arquette: “I’m Not Sober”
The actor, who was open about his stint in rehab several years ago followed by a period of sobriety, said in a TV interview this last week that he’s off the wagon. “If you want to be sober in nightlife, good luck!” he said, “Go to a lot of [AA] meetings.” Arquette owns two nightclubs, and the media has been quick to point out that he’s also a new dad.

Image Credit: By David Shankbone (David Shankbone) [CC BY 3.0], via Wikimedia Commons