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The Daily Buzz: August 12, 2014

Senator's crusade against Palcohol continues; California's quest to end the crack/cocaine sentencing disparity; and booze imports from the West are still allowed in Russia.

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Senator Fumes Over Powdered Alcohol, Urges Ban
New York Senator Charles Schumer is still really riled up: He wants retailers to boycott “Palcohol” when it hits the shelves next month—and the FDA to ban it—due to the “already massive problem of underage drinking.” Palcohol can be mixed with water, sprinkled on food or snorted (painfully).

Time to Eliminate the Sentencing Disparity Between Crack and Powder Cocaine
But here’s a substance whose powdered form is inexplicably treated as much less threatening. An editorial in the LA Times backs a Californian bill to eliminate the longstanding sentencing disparity between powder cocaine and crack—and explains why doing so would strike a blow for racial equality.

Traveling Tombstones Highlight Heroin’s Toll
Dozens of Styrofoam tombstones form an exhibit being placed at different locations in the Chicago area—a bleak way to raise awareness of the overdose toll and naloxone’s ability to reduce it.

FedEx’s Drug “Conspiracy”
The Justice Department last year announced it would selectively enforce federal marijuana laws in order to use “its limited investigative and prosecutorial resources to address the most significant threats in the most effective, consistent and rational way.” Like targeting FedEx for drug trafficking?

Russia Bans Food From the West, Still Allows Booze
Despite certain…difficulties that have seen Russia ban the import of all agricultural products from the US or EU, western alcohol is exempt. Because, clearly there isn’t enough Russian vodka in Russia. (In fact, shockingly, young Russians are developing a taste for Scotch.)