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The Daily Buzz: August 13, 2014

Colorado seeks to produce more legal marijuana; China launches its own War on Drugs; and Radar creepily publishes a photo of Robin Williams in an AA meeting.

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Bonanza time for legal pot in Colorado. Photo via

Bonanza time for legal pot in Colorado. Photo via

Colorado Aims to Produce More Legal Pot
Six months after legalizing recreational marijuana, it looks like the state has already run out—at least, of the kind that is growing legally. Colorado residents and visitors will consume an estimated 287,000 lbs of pot in 2014, but an estimated 40% of that will be grown in the “grey market.”

Radar Creepily Publishes Photo of Robin Williams in an AA Meeting
Someone at an AA meeting snapped a photo of the late actor shortly before his death and leaked it to the press, going against both the 12-step program’s tradition of anonymity and common decency. Many people swear by the privacy and safety of 12-step recovery (though it’s not for everyone), which is part of what makes this story so unsavory.

Survey: Nearly Half of Maryland College Students Binge Drink
Despite no Maryland institutions featuring in the recently released list of America’s top 20 party schools, nearly half of Maryland students polled copped to binge drinking in the last month. Of those who did, about a quarter reported missing class due to drinking, 14% said they’d been hurt or injured, 13% had driven a car after drinking, and 7% had been taken advantage of sexually.

Chinese Actor Arrested in Anti-Drug Crackdown
Apparently various Chinese celebrities have been arrested as part of a nationwide law enforcement crackdown on drugs. President Xi Jinping has said that illegal drugs “should be wiped out and that offenders would be severely punished.” The US can testify how well that method works.

Photos: Colorado Campaign Targeting Teen Pot Use With Rat Cages
A multi-million dollar campaign in Colorado is attempting to dissuade teens from using pot by setting up human-sized rat cages and alarmist messages. Now you can see the cages for yourself (reportedly, some teens have already found them a great place to light up).