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The Daily Buzz: August 14, 2014

E-cigarettes dominate the smoking cessation market; Mexico's tourism surges, despite continuing drug-war violence; and Canada's "Prince of Pot" is out of US prison, vowing revenge.

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E-Cigs Dominate the Smoking Cessation Market
Looks like both Big Tobacco and Big Pharma face stiff competition from the explosive E-Cigarette industry. The electronic vaporizers have rapidly become more popular than nicotine gum and patches among those trying to quit smoking tobacco.

After Years-Long Slump Due to Cartel Violence, Mexico Tourism Bounces Back
Raging violence between drug cartels and government forces has made Mexico seem like a much less appealing vacation destination in recent years. But the country’s international tourism grew 20% in the first six months of 2014 compared to the same time period last year. Though the violence has not subsided in some parts of the country, the lure of Cancun seems strong.

How to Keep Heroin Addicts From Overdosing in Your Bathroom
A significant number of fatal overdoses occur in public restrooms. In Massachusetts, which has one of the highest overdose rates in the country, the Boston Public Health Commission is asking businesses in high use areas to take precautions, such as performing periodic bathroom checks and fixing doors so they can be unlocked from the outside.

“Prince of Pot” Marc Emery Out of US Prison, Returns Home to Canada
Marc Emery, dubbed the “The Prince of Pot,” has returned home to Vancouver, Canada after serving five years in a federal prison in Louisiana for selling mail order pot seeds to the US. The DEA called his initial arrest almost a decade ago a “significant blow” to the pro-pot movement (it seems the pro-pot movement has survived). Now, Emery has vowed “political revenge” as he continues to fight for legalization in Canada, where he has started two pro-pot political parties.

Booze Burglar Hits Texas Town for Second Summer in a Row
A mystery burglar is looting the garage refrigerators and homes in Friendswood, Texas, and making off with only beers. Either that, or the whole town has been collectively conned by its teenaged offspring.