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The Daily Buzz: August 21, 2014

New York State Universities will equip campus security officers with naloxone; clinical trial reports that hospital patients should be given free nicotine replacement to help them quit smoking; and here's how to help an exciting new methadone documentary.

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New York State Will Supply SUNY Campus Cops With Naloxone
Attorney General Eric Schneiderman announced Wednesday that he will ensure 12 State University of New York (SUNY) campuses equip campus security officers with naloxone kits. The program will be funded by money seized from drug dealers and other criminals. Progress!

Florida Teenager Dies Trying to Prevent Friend From Driving Drunk
Joseph Ianzano, 19, was tragically killed a block from his Florida home while trying to stop a friend from driving drunk after a concert they attended together. After pleading with his friend not to drive, Ianzano held on to the rear spoiler of the car and was dragged a block before his friend ran into a tree, killing Ianzano instantly.

Simple Measures Made Hospital Patients 70% More Likely to Quit Smoking
Patients provided with free nicotine replacement medication and several automated phone calls were significantly more likely to quit smoking, according to the results of a clinical trial at a Boston hospital.

9,000 Pounds of Pot Worth $10 Million Seized in South Texas
Federal officials discovered 9,000 pounds of marijuana plants in Raymondville, Texas—a town just 50 miles north of the Mexican border. The street value of the 11,500 plants that the feds reportedly hand-picked from the ground is estimated to be upwards of $10 million.

New Crowdfunding Project Launches to Fund Methadone Documentary
Substance.com contributor Helen Redmond is teaming up with occupational therapist Marilena Marchetti to produce the international methadone documentary, Methadone, It’s Medicine. The film will explore the many facets of methadone maintenance and how the harm reduction tool is employed in different countries around the world.