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The Daily Buzz: August 22, 2014

Vermont abandons the War on Drugs to treat heroin as a health issue; an Indian state opts for alcohol prohibition; and an alcoholic soccer legend is hospitalized in England.

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Vermont Quits War on Drugs to Treat Heroin as a Health Issue
Since Governor Peter Shumlin devoted his state of the state address in January to Vermont’s “full-blown heroin crisis,” a raft of progressive reforms have been introduced as an “experiment.” These include the option of treatment rather than arrest if you’re caught in possession, wider access to MAT, a “Good Samaritan” law and naloxone for first responders.

India’s Kerala State Plans to Ban Alcohol Sales
Then there’s the opposite approach: Inspired, no doubt, by the resounding success of US alcohol prohibition, Kerala’s government has announced a road map to total alcohol prohibition within 10 years, including closing down bars, shuttering 10% of its liquor shops each year and imposing an increasing number of alcohol-free days.

A sad sight as "Gazza" is escorted to an ambulance. Photo via

A sad sight as “Gazza” is escorted to an ambulance. Photo via

Marijuana Law Mayhem Splits US in Two as Travelers Get Busted
What’s perfectly legal in one state will get you picked up for a felony in another—as unfortunate medical marijuana patients have been finding when they’ve driven across the country. At least this state of affairs shouldn’t last too much longer.

Texas Police Officer Busted With a Kilo of Cocaine
Houston Police Department’s Jasmine Bonner brought her six-year-old son along in her car as she conducted a drug deal, say (other) police. ”It’s not good looking for the police force,” says one of her neighbors.

Paul Gascoigne in Hospital After Being Found Drunk Outside His Home
“Gazza,” 47, who played for Tottenham and England and was the biggest star in English soccer, has a long history of alcoholism. Yesterday he was found slumped outside his home in Southern England—from which he is reportedly about to be evicted—clutching a bottle of vodka. Fans have been expressing support.