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The Daily Buzz: August 26, 2014

Painkiller deaths drop 25% in states with legal medical marijuana; a new nail polish could detect date rape drugs; and Serene Williams says she wasn't drunk or on drugs during her meltdown at Wimbledon.

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Painkiller Deaths Drop by 25% in States With Legal Medical Marijuana
Could marijuana be the gateway out of the country’s opioid problems? According to a new study, in the 13 states that legalized medical marijuana between 1999 and 2010, 25% fewer people died from opioid overdoses each year. Researchers hypothesize that pain patients in these states may be more likely to be prescribed pot instead—or in addition to—opiates, thus requiring a lower dosage of the highly-addictive painkillers.

“How to Drink Less and Still Have Fun”
Abstinence is one option to prevent “problem” drinking (the kind where you forget things, wear things that aren’t clothes and sometimes ruin your relationships/life). But for people who want to cut back on their drinking—aka harm reduction—a new study suggests that certain techniques can help, like using a smaller glass, keeping your glass on the table while you pour and never filling it over half-full. Remedy or torture?

FIT Student Unknowingly Became a Drug Mule During Summer Vacation
A 21-year-old student at the Fashion Institute of Technology got back to her dorm room after a trip to Trinidad and Tobago and found 10 pounds of cocaine worth $150,000 in her suitcase. Surprise! She called the cops, who say she “had no idea how it got there.” If so, somewhere out there a bungling drug smuggler is feeling pretty bummed out.


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New Nail Polish Could Detect Date Rape Drugs
Women could soon use their nail polish to detect whether their drinks have been roofied, by dipping their fingers in their drinks. Four male college students at North Carolina State University have created a nail polish that will change colors if it comes in contact with the date rape drug. They said: “our goal is to invent technologies that empower women to protect themselves from this heinous and quietly pervasive crime.”

Serena Williams Says She Wasn’t Drunk or on Drugs During Meltdown at Wimbledon
The tennis champ sparked rumors that she was drunk or on drugs when she appeared “disoriented” and withdrew early from a match during the British tennis tournament. At the time of the “bizarre” incident, she said she was “dehydrated, dizzy and feverish.” But she says: ”I don’t do drugs. Never did ’em. I’m scared of ’em. I’m not on that stuff.” And drunk? She joked: “God no, I wish!”