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The Daily Buzz: August 27, 2014

How the US drug czar's approach to drug policy is impacted by his own recovery; study finds less domestic violence among couples who smoke pot; and Sarah Silverman's pot vaporizer stole the Emmys.

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Why It Matters That the US Drug Czar Is a Recovering Alcoholic
Michael Botticelli, 56, is the acting director of the White House’s Office of National Drug Control Policy—better known as the “drug czar”—spearheading the Obama administration’s drug policy, which is apparently shifting away from criminalization towards a more health-based approach. His own experience with addiction—he is 25 years sober—gives him a fascinating perspective on the job.

Guatemalan Rehab Centers Lock Up Addicts Against Their Will
There are no state-run rehab facilities to treat addicts in Guatemala, so as many as 200 private, Christian-run organizations have sprung up to “take care” of them. But some use a “hunting” technique of grabbing people off the streets, and the BBC estimates thousands are being held against their will in these centers.


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Study: Couples Who Smoke Pot Together Less Likely to Assault Each Other
If you’re going to the chapel, you might want to bring your vaporizers. There were significantly fewer incidents of domestic violence among married couples who smoke marijuana, according to a comprehensive study from the University of Buffalo. Though the link is not necessarily causal, researchers hypothesize that “marijuana…could reduce the likelihood of conflict and aggression.”

Sarah Silverman’s Pot Vaporizer Stole the Emmy’s Red Carpet
It seems all anyone could talk about after the 2014 Emmy Awards was comedian and actress Sarah Silverman showing off her pot vaporizer (“This is my pot,” she said, “my liquid pot”) on the red carpet. Silverman has a medical marijuana card, and it seems like she may have taken some of her meds before her acceptance speech. Is there any better way to tolerate a Hollywood awards show?

Rapper B-Real Takes ALS Bucket Challenge With Marijuana
Another celeb known for his passion for pot is rapper B-Real. Instead of wasting California’s precious H20, he filmed himself dumping a bucket of pot on his head to raise awareness for ALS (Lou Gehrig’s Disease). He challenged fellow pot enthusiasts Snoop Dogg, Willie Nelson and Woody Harrelson to do the same.