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The Daily Buzz: August 29, 2014

Scientists may have found yet another gene relating to addiction; Santa Fe, New Mexico decriminalizes pot; and The Beatles first got high 50 years ago, with a little help from their friend Bob.

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Have Scientists Located a Gene for Alcoholism?
Could science finally tell you why nearly everyone in your extended family seems inappropriate-drunk during the holidays? Researchers at the Scripps Research Institute say they’ve identified a gene that could strongly influence a person’s likelihood of developing alcohol addiction or dependence. That said, many genes relating to addiction have been discovered, and none of them provide the whole answer.

Santa Fe, New Mexico Decriminalizes Pot
The city council in New Mexico’s liberal-leaning capital voted 5-4 to lower the penalty for small-scale marijuana possession to a $25 fine. It’s the first city in the state to decriminalize pot. Washington, DC recently passed a similar law.

Crack History and All, Rob Ford Might Still Win the Mayoral Election
Apparently Canadians are an enlightened bunch. The Toronto Mayor, now best known for repeatedly getting caught smoking crack, is only three points behind for the October 27 mayoral election, according to a new poll. He’s reportedly been sober ever since his trip to rehab in May.


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Two Illinois Women Arrested for Cooking Meth in Church
Illinois sentencing guidelines apparently take into consideration the location of a meth lab, and places of worship are considered the illegal-est of the illegal. So two women caught cooking meth in their rural town’s church could each face nine to 40 years in prison if convicted. Ungodly.

History: Dylan Introduced the Beatles to Marijuana Fifty Years Ago
A half-a-century ago, the rock-and-roll legend met the four members of The Beatles, who had just arrived from England, at the Delmonico hotel and offered them “something green… something organic.” Though initially hesitant, Ringo Starr tried it first. “‘The ceiling’s coming down on me,’” he reported back, according to Paul McCartney. “And we went, Wow! Leaped up, ‘God, got to do this!’” They became well known pot-lovers, and went on to try all kinds of other “droogs.”