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The Daily Buzz: August 5, 2014

Many addicted Americans are denied treatment, even as the rehab industry thrives; doctors back e-cigarettes; and a tent offers support for sober festival-goers at Lollapalooza.

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The Rehab Industry Thrives, But Many Are Still Left Out
Treatment centers for drug, alcohol and other addictions raked in an estimated $35 billion a year in the US. And there are now more than 14,000 of these facilities across the country, with around 2.5 million people receiving some form of treatment. But overcrowded facilities and limited insurance coverage means many Americans are still denied access.

Colorado’s Homegrown Weed Is Ending Up…Elsewhere
Marijuana has been legal for recreational use in Colorado since 2012, but not in any of the surrounding states. And  Colorado doesn’t exactly have airtight borders. According to law enforcement, an “outpouring” of domestic pot has placed a burden on highway patrol in neighboring states.

In DC, Marijuana-Related Arrests Persist After Decriminalization
Washington, DC decriminalized pot just two weeks ago, making the penalty for small-scale possession a mere $25 fine (same as for littering). But since then, 26 people have still been arrested for marijuana-related crimes not affected by the new law—including public consumption, possessing more than an ounce and selling. In DC, a staggering 90% of marijuana arrests are people of color, and many people think the new law isn’t enough to fix the problem.

Many Doctors Recommend E-Cigarettes to Help You Quit Tobacco
In the continuing controversy over whether e-cigarettes are more helpful or harmful, it looks like doctors may be on Team E-Cig. According to a small study, two-thirds of doctors think the electronic devices could be effective in helping people quit tobacco cigarettes, and 35% have recommended them to patients trying to quit.

Inside Lollapalooza’s Sober Side Tent
What’s it like to be sober at one of the biggest music festivals in the country? Not as bad when you have support. To help out other festival-goers in recovery, Patrick Whelan organizes sober tents at about 10 music festivals each year, including one “smack in the middle of Lolla.” The tent offers daily support group meetings and respite from an  environment where booze and drugs abound.