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The Daily Buzz: August 6, 2014

Nearly 10% of cancer survivors still smoke cigarettes; Colorado has fewer car accident deaths since legalizing pot; and new documentary "Web Junkie" explores Internet addiction in China.

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Nearly One in Ten Cancer Survivors Smoke Cigarettes
In a study that suggests “just how difficult it is to quit,” researchers found that nearly 10% of cancer survivors continue to smoke nine years after diagnosis (about half the overall US smoking rate of 17%). And smoking rates were especially high among those who had cancers strongly linked to smoking, like lung and bladder cancer.

Since Marijuana Legalization, Car Accident Deaths in Colorado Have Dropped
Panic about “drugged drivers” is a common argument against legalization. But numbers from Colorado suggest that traffic accident fatalities have actually reached “near-historic lows” since the state legalized recreational weed in 2012. Maybe people are not leaving their houses at all, which is a safer alternative to driving, period.

CVS Suffers Loss After Stopping Cigarette Sales
CVS sales declined ever since the chain of American pharmacies boldly removed tobacco products from their shelves. Luckily, the move won’t put them out of business, since they’ve amped up pharmacy sales to make up for the loss .

New Film: Web Junkie Examines Internet Addiction in China
China is the first country to designate Internet addiction as a clinical disorder, and its rehab centers for the disorder have garnered global attention for their harsh—even life-threatening—methods. A much-talked-about new documentary, Web Junkie, takes you inside one of these treatment centers, and shows what life is like for patients (most of them teenage boys), and their families, as they are rigorously weaned off the web. The film opens today.

What Exactly Happens When You Drink?
You might have more confidence. You might feel a little woozy and happy. You might forget parts of your night. You might vomit, call your ex, and wake up in a strange place. Maybe all-of-the-above. But why? This article explains the science.