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The Daily Buzz: December 12, 2014

Over a million people regularly use opiates in Pakistan, with many sharing syringes; graphic 2012 US anti-smoking campaign seems to have paid off; and a new Christmas song celebrates getting high over the holidays.

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Study: Over One Million People Regularly Use Opiates in Pakistan
An estimated 1.18 million Pakistanis are thought to be regular users of opium or heroin, with a majority of them on heroin, according to a newly released survey. An estimated 430,000 inject the drug and most reported sharing syringes, with only 1% having access to sterile injecting equipment.

Remember these scary ads? Who could forget! Photo via

Remember these scary ads? Photo via

The US Government’s Super-Scary Anti-Smoking Campaign Paid Off
In 2012 the US ran its first federally funded ad campaign to scare people off tobacco, with famously graphic images of former smokers. It cost $48 million for just three months of TV ads. But a new study suggests that the campaign was worth the money: It apparently helped at least 100,000 people quit for at least six months, and ended up costing about $480 for each smoker who quit and $393 per year of life saved.

How Much Can You Drink Before It Will Kill You?
We’ve all been told since the days of D.A.R.E. that too much booze can kill you. But how much is too much? According to a lot of B​AC charts, the “magic number” is .34%—this is ”the border line between stupor and death.” And for an average-sized American male, it takes about 14 shots to get there. For some people, it could take a lot less.

Why Alcohol Is a Bad Sleep Aid
About one in five American adults use alcohol to help them fall asleep. But new research shows that while booze does make you sleepy, it can also disrupt sleep and, over time, cause insomnia by interfering with the body’s system for regulating sleep. Try melatonin or sleepytime teas.

Here’s the Christmas Song About Smoking Weed You Always Wanted
“‘Tis the season to be high,” according to Dent May’s new song, “I’ll Be Stoned For Christmas,” which is all about sneaking away from your family during the holidays to smoke weed. Just remember to be careful about how you score drugs in your hometown.