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The Daily Buzz: December 15, 2014

Congress passes bill with historic protections for medical marijuana; new study finds E-cigs way less addictive and toxic than regular cigs; and Lindsay Lohan says it's easier to stay sober in London.

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Congress Passes Historic Medical Marijuana Protections in Spending Bill
In what’s being hailed as a historic blow to the War on Drugs, Congress passed a federal spending bill this weekend that includes an amendment blocking the use of funds to go after state-legal medical marijuana programs. If signed into law, the bill would be a step to ending raids on dispensaries, and stopping arrests of people involved with pot businesses that comply with state law.

New Study Claims E-Cigs Are “Much Less Addictive” Than Regular Cigarettes
The debate over E-cigs rages on. The latest study, in favor of Team E-cig, finds the controversial nicotine devices are much less addictive and toxic than regular cigarettes. However, the long-term effects remain unknown. Stay tuned.

Cocaine Quadruples Risk of Sudden Death, Says Study
According to a new study from Spain, the cardiovascular death rate among people aged 19 to 49 was between 13 and 58 times higher if the individuals were cocaine users. Researchers believe cocaine has a direct effect on the cardiovascular system which could be responsible.

Why Can’t Colleges Stop Binge Drinking?
More than 1,800 US college students die each year from alcohol-related incidents, and the binge drinking rate on college campuses remains at about 40%, despite costly efforts to reduce it. This op-ed explores why attempts to put an end to binge drinking have failed, and why some colleges have chosen to let the tradition continue.

Lindsay Lohan Talks About Staying Sober in London
The actress has been living in London, where she was performing in a David Mamet play. In a new interview, she says less hassle from paparazzi and distance from her hard-partying NYC friends, have helped her stay sober. She also mentions that David Mamet coached her on coping with the highs and lows of stage acting: “He warned me the adrenaline you have after is tricky, it’s late and you want to do something. I have let myself go eat, and then I have gone home.”