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The Daily Buzz: December 16, 2014

Binge drinking and drug use is down among teenagers; states move to ban powdered alcohol; and James Franco shockingly comes out as a non-marijuana user.

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Survey: Drinking, Smoking and Prescription Drug Use Down Among Teens
American teens are smoking fewer cigarettes, drinking less alcohol and misusing fewer prescription and synthetic drugs, according to a new survey from Monitoring the Future. And their rate of marijuana use is holding steady, even with more states legalizing it. The sharpest drop was in binge drinking among high school seniors, which is now under 20%, compared to its peak at 31.5% in 1998. So teens are either becoming better behaved, or better at lying on surveys.

States Move to Ban Powdered Alcohol
“Palcohol” first began creating panic last spring, forcing its inventor to defend it in this bizarre video. And the controversial product, which bills itself as an easy way to “drink on the go,” didn’t disappear. Now states like Colorado are moving to ban Palcohol before it hits shelves, out of fear it will promote underage drinking, and just generally cause society to come apart at the seams.

Texas Lawmaker Proposes Lower Marijuana Possession Penalties
This week, Texas State Rep. Joe Moody introduced a bill that would remove criminal penalties for the possession of small amounts of marijuana. If passed, the measure would make Texas the 20th state to decriminalize small-scale possession.

Thoughts of Sex Can Interfere With Men’s Attempts to Stop Smoking
Hetero guys who want to quit smoking may need to avoid ogling women, according to a study from Taiwan. Researchers found that images of “attractive” women can stimulate “a mating mindset among male smokers” which leads to a desire for immediate gratification and consequently “reduced control over cigarette consumption.”

James Franco Comes Out as a Non-Marijuana User
Seems the tides have changed in 2014, with celebrities now coming out to the public as non-pot users. Actor James Franco has made headlines for telling Howard Stern he “doesn’t smoke weed at all… There’s just no need.” And as for his recent performance in stoner-comedy Pineapple Express, alongside weed connoisseur Seth Rogen, it seems Franco was just acting! But he’s not judging his co-star: ”I don’t think it’s any different than somebody having a glass of wine or something at lunch for Seth [Rogen]. But other people can’t handle it.” Scandal!