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The Daily Buzz: December 17, 2014

More teens now smoking E-cigs than regular cigarettes; restaurant chains will soon include alcohol calorie counts on menus; and a Californian town erupts over pot-smoking Santa Claus.

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More Teens Now Smoking E-Cigs Than Regular Cigarettes
In case you haven’t heard enough about E-cigs, more teens are using them, apparently! In fact, a new federal survey finds E-cig use has eclipsed use of tobacco cigarettes among young people. This is either good or bad news, depending on where you stand in the great E-cig debate. Or non-news, if you think what other people do or don’t smoke is none of your business.

Chain Restaurant Menus to Soon Include Calorie Counts for Booze
Good news for those who like a buzzkill with their beer: Next year, the FDA will require all major chain restaurants to list the amount of calories in alcoholic drinks on the menu. But the rules won’t apply to drinks ordered at the bar. So see your bartender directly for the “calorie-free” options.

Occasional Heroin Use May Worsen HIV Infection
For HIV-positive people, intermittent heroin use may be particularly harmful to the immune system and worsen HIV disease—more so than either persistent heroin use or abstinence, according to new research.

Residents were "shocked."

Residents were “shocked.”

Do Energy Drinks Plus Alcohol Encourage Drunk Driving?
People who mix energy drinks with alcohol may be more likely to drive drunk than those who drink only alcohol, according to a new study. Just another reason why Red Bull and vodka may be a bad idea.

SoCal Residents Riled Over Pot-Smoking Santa
Hundreds of people in a Southern California town complained about a pot-smoking Santa Claus painted on a local medical marijuana dispensary storefront, forcing the store to take down the decor. Looks like the American people would prefer that St. Nicholas continue using trans fats and complex carbohydrates to take the edge off.