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The Daily Buzz: December 19, 2014

Nebraska and Oklahoma sue Colorado over marijuana legalization; blackout drinking particularly common among teenage girls; and rapper Bobby Shmurda charged in murder, drug trafficking sting.

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Nebraska and Oklahoma Sue Colorado Over Marijuana Legalization
Uh oh. Two of Colorado’s less liberal neighbors are asking the US Supreme Court to end the state’s voter-approved legal regulation of marijuana. The lawsuit claims that “the State of Colorado has created a dangerous gap in the federal drug control system” and that weed is crossing state lines into nearby states and “draining their treasuries, and placing stress on their criminal justice systems.”

India’s Kerala State to Soften Alcohol Prohibition Plan
The government of Kerala state in southern India has announced plans to dilute its proposed ban on the sale and consumption of booze, due to concerns that the ban would threaten tourism. Earlier this year, officials said they would shut down 700 bars in a step towards the total prohibition of alcohol, which is blamed for widespread health and economic problems.

Blackout Drinking Common Among Teens, Especially Girls
Blacking out—or getting so blotto you forget the events of the night before—is extremely common among teen drinkers, according to a new study from England. Of the teenagers surveyed, 90% had blacked out at least once, and about half had blacked out multiple times. The study also found blackout drinkers are more often female, likely because “they weigh less and have less body water to dilute the alcohol.”

13 Years for Two Joints? Louisiana Gov. Jindal Needs to Correct Injustice With Clemency
Obama may have pardoned eight non-violent drug offenders this week, but the problem is far from over. Anthony Papa, who served 12 years of a 15-to-life sentence for a nonviolent drug crime, knows “all too well the draconian nature of the war on drugs.” In this op-ed, he appeals for the release of Bernard Noble, who was sentenced to 13.3 years in prison for possession of two joints.

Rapper Bobby Shmurda Charged in Murder, Drug Trafficking Sting
The popular Brooklyn rapper, real name Ackquille Pollard, was arraigned in State Supreme Court in NYC this week along with more than a dozen other alleged members of a group called “GS9.” The group is linked to a murder and several shootings, and accused of conspiring to sell crack cocaine. The 20-year-old pleaded not guilty.