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The Daily Buzz: December 23, 2014

Hepatitis C drugs may soon become much more affordable; pregnant woman whose baby was harmed by methadone found not guilty of abuse; and Brit with no passport wakes up in France after drinking session.

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 Why Hepatitis C Drugs May Soon Get Far Less Expensive
Price gouging by pharma companies like Gilead is a scandal, excluding many of the 3.2 million Americans with hep. C from treatment. Happily, a new business deal means we could soon see a significant reduction on those astronomical prices.

Pregnant Woman Did Not Abuse Newborn by Taking Prescribed Methadone, New Jersey Supreme Court Rules
A woman who was addicted to opioids and whose doctor prescribed her methadone when she became pregnant cannot be found guilty of abuse or neglect after her baby developed neonatal abstinence syndrome, the court decided in a 6-0 ruling. It’s being hailed as a significant victory for health-care rights.

"I don't want to see Paris again, although it is a beautiful city," said Shawn Smith. Photo via

“I don’t want to see Paris again, although it is a beautiful city,” said Shawn Smith. Photo via

The NRA’s Wish-list Includes Guns in Bars
Frankly, the idea of allowing people drinking in bars to carry guns is so sensible, so palpably beneficial to all of us and so flawless in its conception that it’s baffling why this hasn’t been implemented already. Thank goodness for the NRA.

Air New Zealand Orders Crew to Stop Drinking on the Job
You know those nights when you get so drunk that “intimate videos” of you emerge the morning after? Or you have to be physically carried back to your hotel? Or you wind up straddling an international rugby player on a plane? Air New Zealand crew members have been having a lot of those nights. (Reports that Air New Zealand bookings have surged are currently unconfirmed.)

Dad Wakes Up in France After Ultimate Christmas Drinking Session
…and you know those nights when you go to the pub, then end up going to a different country on a mission to pick up cheap tobacco without a passport while passed out in the back of your friend’s car? Hey, it must be Christmas!