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The Daily Buzz: December 30, 2014

Marijuana use has risen in Colorado since legalization; new study says binge drinking disrupts your immune system; and ESPN host calls NFL quarterback Johnny Manziel an alcoholic.

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Report: Pot Use on the Rise in Colorado
Since legalizing marijuana in 2012, Colorado’s estimated percentage of regular users has increased to the second-highest level in the country, behind only Rhode Island, according to new federal data. About one out of every eight Coloradans over aged 12 reported using pot in the past month. Given marijuana’s potential as an “exit drug,” it will be interesting to see how this impacts the use of alcohol and other drugs.

Study: Binge Drinking Can Disrupt Your Immune System
In a new study, scientists found that a heavy dose of alcohol temporarily “revved up” the immune systems of study participants. But hours after the alcohol wore off, their immune systems were less active than when sober. So if you’re drinking vodka to ward off the common cold, you may want to switch to OJ and water.

Graphic Anti-smoking Campaign Targets Rolled Cigarettes
A new anti-smoking campaign from the UK uses graphic imagery to warn that smoking rolled cigarettes “rots” the body just like regular cigarettes, despite many believing them to be less toxic. Graphic images have been indicated as effective in boosting quitting rates in the US, by scaring the bejeezus out of people.

How To Quit Smoking: 10 Tips for Keeping Your 2015 New Year’s Resolution
More than 70% of all smokers want to quit, according to US government data. But smoking is one of the hardest of all habits to give up. If you’ve resolved to quit in 2015, these tips may help. They include reminders to reward yourself for good behavior (bubble bath, anyone?) and to know your triggers.

ESPN Host Says Rookie Quarterback Johnny Manziel Has an Alcohol Problem
ESPN’s First Take co-host Skip Bayless sent the media into a tizzy yesterday when he called out Browns quarterback Johnny Manziel on air for having an “alcohol problem.” ”He continues to lie to his executives, to his coaches, to his teammates, to the media, and most of all, he continues to lie to himself,” said Bayless. “He has a problem—if you want to call him an alcoholic, I’ll go that far.” Manziel missed medical treatment this past weekend after allegedly throwing a rager the night before, which he vehemently denies.