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The Daily Buzz: September 12, 2014

Magic mushrooms could be the key to quitting smoking; Mexico might start producing its own cocaine; and Stevie Nicks releases a "cautionary tale" about addiction.

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Photo via Shutterstock

Photo via Shutterstock

Could “Magic” Mushrooms Help Smokers Quit?
If Nicorette and E-Cigs aren’t your thing, “shrooming” might be your key to ditching cigarettes for good, according to the findings of a small study at Johns Hopkins University. Of the 15 volunteers who were given two to three rounds of psilocybin (the active hallucinogenic drug in ‘shrooms), 12 were able to stay smoke-free for six months.

Mexico Could Start Producing its Own Cocaine
Mexican drug cartels have long-dominated the cocaine trade to the US, trafficking the drug from South America. But now it’s rumored that the country could soon start producing its own cocaine. Officials have reported finding a coca plantation in Mexico for the first time.

North Koreans Bribe Officials With Gifts of Crystal Meth
This week is Chuseok—Korean thanksgiving—when families share food and give thanks to their ancestors for an abundant harvest. And in North Korea, it’s reportedly also a time to bribe officials; one increasingly popular gift is apparently “ice” (crystal meth). However, “the most opulent bribe one can give at the holidays is a gift of meat and cash.”

Two Arizona University Students Charged in Death of Freshman at Frat Party
Naomi McClendon, 18, died after falling from a balcony after drinking at an “all-you-can-drink” off-campus fraternity party at Arizona State University (ASU). She had been drunk. Two 20-year-old students at the party have been charged in her death—for buying alcohol underage and not checking IDs at the party.

Stevie Nicks’ Latest Song Inspired by her Drug Addiction
On her new album, the Fleetwood Mac singer includes a song she wrote in 1985 during the height of her cocaine addiction. The track, “Mabel Normand,” is evidently a “cautionary tale.” “Try and let it be an epiphany for you, 18-year-old person that is doing a lot of coke and smoking heroin and taking ecstasy and is on a dead-end road to hell,” says Nicks, 66. She went to rehab shortly after writing the song and is still sober, decades later.